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Christmas Came Early For a 2-Year-Old Boy With Cancer in Ohio Neighborhood

It’s a Christmas miracle.

Christmas came three months early when Santa Claus in a fire truck, Spiderman and Hulk on bikes, wreaths and Christmas carols were spotted in a neighbourhood in Ohio – all for a two-year-old Brody.

According to a report by The New York Times, almost six weeks ago, Brody’s parents were informed that their son had only two months to live.

Brody’s family, realising that the boy would not live to see another Christmas, decided to bring the festivities in September, with full support from their neighbours.

Brody’s illness was discovered after he complained in May about being dizzy. What was supposed to be an ear infection turned out to be a brain tumour – four embryonal tumours with multilayered rosettes.

According to Brody’s father, his ailment is extremely rare and does not respond to medication.

The boy’s family decided to celebrate Christmas in September, but realising that they needed more decorations, decided to start a Facebook page called Team Brody to ask their neighbours for help.

To their surprise, everyone wanted to contribute and celebrate Christmas with Brody, so much so that a Christmas parade was organised in Brody’s neighbourhood, complete with a Christmas tree, lights, plenty of decorations and even Santa Claus himself.


Information Courtesy: News 18

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